Welcome to Enovative Solutions

Enovative Solutions provides remote and on-site computer support services including, software integration solutions to customers in the New York City, Lower Westchester, NY and Lower Fairfield, CT areas. We have been providing these services since 1999.  We continue to provide that same level of honest, prompt and personal service today. 

Many small businesses, non-for-profits, medical offices and educational institutions in the New York City, Lower Westchester, NYC and Lower Fairfield, CT use our services.  A majority of our customers are home users who rely on our expertise to resolve their technical issues and get them back to performing their tasks quickly.  We strive to provide all our customers with the personal support they deserve.  

Enovative Solutions will always aim to provide our clients with the right solutions for their specific goals. By providing solutions that incorporate the latest and most innovative technologies used today,  we can evaluate your business to always include the most cost-effective approach to our "Enovative Solutions".

Why did my computer crash!


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Why is my web browser going to weird web sites and pop-ups?


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Why can't I connect to the internet?


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